Informal Upright

A Theatre Collective


The conversation with our communities never ends, so at Informal Upright we are always working on something. Here are just a few things we're anxious to share.


Grosse Ile

by Ciarán Myers and Karen MacLeod

In the spring of 1847 Ireland was so devastated by the potato famine that its population has yet to recover fully. Still 20 years from confederation, Grosse Ilea small island outside Quebec City was the final port for most emigres fleeing the country. The thousands of Irish buried there now make up the island's topography--and helped to shape Canada's policy on immigration. This is the journey of three such immigrants: Sheila, a middle-aged country woman; Colin, a teenager from Ireland's east coast; and Lucy, the youngest of the three, from Galway (the good part).

Lucy: We’ve been at sea for a full cycle of the moon. It’s dark right now. So more than a full cycle. But I haven’t seen Sheila bleed. Not this whole time. Maybe Daddy didn’t mean we’d bleed blood, maybe we’d bleed something else. Tiny parts of our soul slipping out of us like beautiful fingernails and settling into the rocks and moss until they grow enough to turn into fairies.

I can see his body gliding down into the sea. Like snow.


Me, Not You

by Informal Upright Theatre Collective

Approximately ten years ago we found an affinity and interest in each other's work while taking a class on Samuel Beckett in Performance. Now, supported by the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund, we are preparing an anthology of original short plays that directly respond to pieces from the Samuel Beckett Cannon. We hope to carry the mantle of Beckett's brand of theatre by enhancing and developing it through the dissemination of entirely new works. These will grapple with the meaning of identity, a Descartian exploration of loneliness, and a broadening sense of traditional Dramatic Action through Beckett's signature aesthetic.