Informal Upright

A Theatre Collective

Call for Board Members

Informal Upright Theatre Collective is seeking passionate candidates to join our volunteer Board of Directors.

Call for Applications:

We are seeking volunteers to join our Board for our first year with the intention of maintaining the position longer. The Co-Artistic Directors are answerable to the Board of Directors whose role is to support the Co-Artistic Directors and all staff and creative partners of the Informal Upright Theatre Collective. The Board’s Role extends to support a culture of integrity and transparency around the work that we do. Because this is our first year, the Board of Directors will play a key part in the development of our identity and role as a theatre collective in both Kitchener-Waterloo and Toronto.

To that end, the Primary Focus for the Board in this first year should be to help us strengthen relationships with community partners and to register as a not-for-profit.

Other Duties of the Board of Directors, in time, should include:
-       Attending events and speaking with patrons and donors or potential patrons and donors.
-       Development of volunteer committees such as to create education, activism, or journalism (etc.) around the work that we produce.
-       To seek and deliver resources, financial and in-kind.
-       Enable the most efficient and consciences functionality of the Collective as best possible.

Ideal Candidates should be diverse, passionate about the development of Canadian culture, be able to defend the choices of the Co-Artistic Directors, be intellectually engaged in their own political landscape, and most of all: excited to help!

If you are interested in this role in our growing communities, please contact: and/or