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Episode 11 - Jeff Ho

Folks, we've got some fantastic news!

Earlier this week, Shawn DeSouza-Coelho sat down with the ever so humble theatre artist Jeff Ho for yet another episode of Informalities. That's right! Episode 11! And it might just be our most important episode yet because we dissect the oft heard but rarely understood phrase "diversity in casting". What does inclusion mean exactly? How do we strive towards it without leaving anybody behind? Listen below or subscribe on iTunes to hear their thoughts!

In other news! We here at Informal Upright are excited as hell to announce that our official launch party is Saturday, August 19th, 2017! All of the information is below in a handy poster. It's going to be great fun! There's magic! There's a reading, AND a special announcement! But you'll have to show up in order to see what it is!

Launch Party!

Come one, come all!

Informally Yours,

- The Informal Upright Crew