Informal Upright

A Theatre Collective

Playwriting Intensive!

Informal Upright, in Association with MJ Drama, are cohosting a short Playwriting Intensive over the Christmas Break.

The Intensive will be held at the Registry Theatre in Kitchener, however, EXACT DATES AND TIMES ARE TO BE CONFIRMED. Please stay tuned! 

This course will feed directly into the Registry Theatre's annual Playground Festival (formerly the ACTOne Festival). In partnership with Informal Upright, JM Drama will showcase selected plays that have grown through this intensive to participate in their 2018 Playground Festival. 

Over six sessions, the Intensive will explore Scene Structure, Story Structure, Character and Action, and Writing Towards a Specific Festival or Assignment, with flexibility to address the specific needs and interests of the participants. So bring us all your problems! 

The Intensive is designed to target post-secondary students but all are welcome! There will be an optional time/space available for quiet shared writing time before each lesson begins so you can use your Christmas Break to create. 

Students are asked to commit to all six days of the intensive for a $60 fee* ($10/day). 
* If you are unable to attend this course because of financial barriers, please contact Ciarán privately. He understands first-hand. We wish for this course to be accessible to all. ciaranmyers1 [at]