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Informalities on Hiatus / An Eye to the Future

Hey folks,

As the title of this post reveals, we here at Informal Upright are putting our Informalities podcast on indefinite hiatus. We do this with a heavy heart, but the realities of indie producing are that we simply don’t have the person power to maintain the many different avenues we’d like to go down, the varied ways we’d like to contribute to our theatre communities. We’ve enjoyed the ride, and we hope you have as well.

The podcast episodes will remain available on our website, as well as through iTunes, for anyone interested in learning more about all facets of the theatrical community: from the ambitions of student life to the ethical responsibilities of stage managers to the thought processes of artistic directors. All that and more are just a click away.

The plus side of shelving the podcast is that it frees up our resources for upcoming productions, which we’ll be delighted to tell you more about once we’ve massaged the generals into specifics.

Stay tuned!

Informally Yours,

The Informal Upright Crew