Informal Upright

A Theatre Collective

Withdrawing from Impact Festival

Dearest Region of Waterloo,

It is with heavy hearts that we have elected to pull our show, Me Not You, from the MTSpace’s wonderful, biannual Impact Festival. 

Last February, we workshopped Me Not You for intimate, enthusiastic audiences in an old house surrounded by a snowstorm. This staged-reading was supported by the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund. Our heartfelt gratitude for that support surpasses anything that can be expressed here. 

The MTSpace has been generous in their resolution to program our little show in their juggernaut of a festival. Having done the math, they would have lost money by programming us. Importantly, however, this is not the reason that we are withdrawing. 

All three members of Informal Upright are presently undergoing transitions in the day-jobs that help support our artistic vocations. The timing of these transitions coincides with the timing of the festival such that they have made it impossible for us to rehearse properly. 

The sentiment that centres this decision is that we have received so much support from the Region of Waterloo that we only want to bring you quality, fully-prepared work.

Our collective is named after a style of bonsai tree—something which, in nature, only grows in size proportional to its container. As our capacity to share is dwarfed by our desire to do so, today, we remain true to our name. Coincidentally, one theme of Me Not You is the consequential relationship between exhaustion and loneliness. Our greatest efforts are severing us from this wonderful festival and from you, our darling audiences. As the title of this show assures, it’s not you, it’s us. 

We are actively looking for better ways to address this problem of competing employment and artistic obligations from within the small enclave of the Informal Upright Theatre Collective. Most importantly, to the MTSpace, the Impact Festival, and the Region of Waterloo, we love you. We love you. 


The Informal Upright Theatre Collective
Ciarán Myers | Sukhpreet Sangha | Shawn DeSouza-Coelho