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Episode 14 - Jamie Kasiama and Brianna Seferiades

Hey there folks!

Great news! Episode 14 of our monthly podcast is out now and we think it offers a unique perspective on our theatre ecology. In this episode we sit down with Jamie Kasiama and Brianna Seferiades, two upper year students in the Theatre and Film Studies program at McMaster University, and discuss their views on the theatre community and what they believe their role in it is as current/future members.

We don't often hear from the students of this profession and we at Informal Upright think that the community is at a loss because of it. So, check out the episode below or on iTunes (don't forget to rate us and subscribe) and enjoy!

We've got more news coming down the wire, so stay tuned!

Informally Yours,

The Informal Upright Crew