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Episode 16 - Liza Giffen

Hey folks,

We're so busy in the theatre world trying to make ends meet, trying to put on a show, trying to get things running, trying to establish ourselves, etc. that it isn't often we take the time to reflect on what came before us. Luckily, there are those in the theatre community who have made it their profession to collect and maintain these records for ours as well as future generations. In Episode 16 of Informalities we sit down with one such person, Liza Giffen, the director of the Stratford Festival Archives, to discuss just what inspires her about her work and how the theatrical community at large can benefit from it. Have a listen below, or on iTunes, and don't forget to like and subscribe!

We've got some big news coming down the pipe so stay tuned and have a wonderful and safe New Years.

Informally yours,

The Informal Upright Crew

Episode 8 - Meghan Swaby

We're working hard over here at Informal Upright to bring you the very best in our communities and this latest episode of Informalities is no exception.

In it, co-artistic director Sukhpreet Sangha, and host Shawn DeSouza-Coelho chat with playwright and actor Meghan Swaby about her inspirations writing Venus' Daughter, and the value of William Shakespeare's works in a culture of diversity.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more episodes and more news! We've got some doozies coming your way.

Informalities Episode 6!

Here at Informal Upright we're proud to converse with a member of the theatre communities of Toronto or Kitchener-Waterloo every month to explore their views on theatre and discover more about their practice. This month we bring you:

Tyrone Savage, founding member of the Red One Theatre Collective.

We had a great time sitting down with Tyrone and discussing his views on how to grow an indie theatre company in a place like Toronto where, ecologically, new indie theatre companies can feel like a drop in the vast ocean. We're also proud to be the platform through which Tyrone has announced his upcoming indie project.

You can check out the episode on our SoundCloud page, and don't forget to check out our previous episodes either at the SoundCloud or over at the Informalities page.

Check back often for more news!

Informally yours,

The Informal Upright Crew