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Episode 12 - Year End Wrap Up


With this, our 12th episode of Informalities, we've now been on the air for one whole year. So, what have we learned? What has a year's worth of conversations with theatre artists taught us about the theatre ecology in which we live and work and grow? What is independent theatre now? Listen (on iTunes or right here) to find out.

We here at Informal Upright want to thank you all sincerely for a year's worth of episodes and we look forward to giving you another year's worth.

Until then, stay tuned for more details on our upcoming staged reading of Grosse Ile.

Informally Yours,

- The Informal Upright Crew

Informalities Episode 6!

Here at Informal Upright we're proud to converse with a member of the theatre communities of Toronto or Kitchener-Waterloo every month to explore their views on theatre and discover more about their practice. This month we bring you:

Tyrone Savage, founding member of the Red One Theatre Collective.

We had a great time sitting down with Tyrone and discussing his views on how to grow an indie theatre company in a place like Toronto where, ecologically, new indie theatre companies can feel like a drop in the vast ocean. We're also proud to be the platform through which Tyrone has announced his upcoming indie project.

You can check out the episode on our SoundCloud page, and don't forget to check out our previous episodes either at the SoundCloud or over at the Informalities page.

Check back often for more news!

Informally yours,

The Informal Upright Crew

Podcast and Performances and Launches and more!

Big news from everybody here at Informal Upright! 

In addition to having Episode 6 of our podcast out in the next few days (if you haven't checked our our podcast, Informalities, then please do!) we've also been selected to present a few of our in-development pieces at some great festivals in the Kitchener-Waterloo region.

Grosse Ile will be presented in part at the Irish Real Life Festival's panel discussion "Crossing the Ocean by Pen", at The Registry Theatre in Kitchener (122 Frederick Street). It's a wonderful evening devoted expressly to the exploration of the process of writing plays relating to Ireland and Irish-Canadian identify. On Monday, March 13th, 2017, from 7:30PM - 10:00PM, we hope to see you there. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased here.

Hamburger will be presented at the ACTOne Play Festival, which runs from from June 8-10, 2017 at The Registry Theatre. Tickets will be $22, or $18 for students/seniors, and can be bought online through the festival's site (linked above). We're all thrilled to be part of this festival not only because it's a chance to showcase Ciarán's brilliant work in his very own community, but also because it comes hot off the heels of . . .

Our launch party! Our debut. Our cotillion (if you will). We'll be having a launch party some time in May, and we're holding off on the details right now because they are still up in the air. What we can tell you is that it'll be a great night with great theatre and great company. What more could you ask for? Check back in with us in the coming weeks and months for all of the information and, of course, we hope to see you there.

That's it for now!

Informally yours,

The Informal Upright Crew